My Experience to Partner with ChinaDivision – An Order Fulfillment Company in China

Five years ago, I started my online business on Amazon selling all kinds of fashion products to customers worldwide. Since I do not want to invest money in inventory and other fixed overheads for running my own warehouse, I dropship all the orders from my Chinese suppliers. But soon, here comes the two big problems:

1. Lose control of inventory
It often happens that I sell out a best seller on my store only to be told by my supplier that it is out of stock at the time being. Most of the time, I am too focus on selling that I even don’t know I am losing control of the most important factor for my business- Inventory. You will never expect a proactive inventory level report from your supplier!

2. Brand promotion
With the growth of my customer base, there is an increasing need to promote my own brand and cultivate loyal customers. Everybody knows that happy customers will buy from you again. However, there are few suppliers willing to spend time on repackaging and shipping orders individually for me, let alone kicking me out by stealing my customer information.

It’s not an easy decision to give up dropshipping and turn to a third party order fulfillment company. I find ChinaDivision by the referral of my friend Cherise, who is also an Amazon vendor and has been collaborating with ChinaDivision for almost two years. Before the official cooperation, a test order is available to check the order fulfillment service. It seems good. After that, I ask my suppliers to send goods to their warehouse for storage because they offer one month FREE warehousing. Below is the general order fulfillment process at ChinaDivision:

ChinaDivision order fulfillment process

Step 1: Receive & store your products
ChinaDivision receives goods directly from your Chinese suppliers and store them in their warehouse. They are also responsible for communicating with your suppliers.

Step 2: Upload your orders
ChinaDivision API can integrate seamlessly with your shopping cart, like Amazon, Shopify and WooCommerce, so they can upload your orders automatically instead of human input.

Step 3: Pick & Pack
Once an order is confirmed, packers at ChinaDivision will pick and pack the order as per your requirements and make it ready for shipping. They are trained to pack the packages with the smallest size to save your cost (I really like that).

Step 4: Deliver to your customers
ChinaDivision works well with a wide range of shipping carriers, so they can offer a competitive shipping rates directly from China to other countries. You can choose your preferred shipping method or take their suggestion.

It’s been one year since I partner with ChinaDivison. If you are a small or medium size business, ChinaDivision suits your well, because large and famous companies like Shipwire and Amazon FBA will not take your personal and specific needs on the first place, and customer support will not response timely to solve the problem. There are other reasons why I would like to continue my cooperation with ChinaDivision:

1. ChinaDivision provides China sourcing service
Based on the world factory China, ChinaDivision has abundant sourcing resources, which can help me locate the suitable suppliers quickly and accurately and shorten the supply chain. They can also communicate with the suppliers directly, removing time and culture difference.

2. ChinaDivision assists my brand upgrading
As mentioned above, I need someone to assist my brand upgrading. Someone who takes my personal needs seriously. ChinaDivision offers a series of value-added services to meet my special needs, such as customized packaging, marketing inserts, printing and sticking labels etc. They really help to bring down the customer complaints and return rate, along with a deepening brand awareness among my customers.

3. Real-time control of inventory and shipping status
Unlike dropshipping, I have a real-time control of inventory level and shipping information via dashboard of ChinaDivision, so I don’t need to worry about running out of stock without noticing or loosing information of the shipping status. Everything is under control, just like I am fulfilling orders by myself.

Above is the experience that I partner with ChinaDivision in the past one year. Hope to help some of you who are currently looking for a fulfillment center in China and I highly recommend that you give a try as well.

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