How to Improve Your Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Process

order fulfillment process

When people orders products from your online store, two of their major concerns are: how quickly the order fulfillment process is completed, and how quickly the product is delivered.

Then what is an order fulfillment process? It refers to all the steps companies should take from the moment they receive an order to get the items into their customers’ hands. It is a time-consuming and complicated process, which challenges online sellers in the following aspects:

1.Inventory Management

Inventory management is a key process to make your customers happy. Why? They will certainly get disappointed after knowing the item they are looking for is out of stock currently. What’s worse is that you cannot even name a specific date for inventory replenishment. That will not be a happy shopping experience for your customers, right?

2.Supply Chain Management

When items are slow or out of stock, how quickly can you get them back in stock? How quickly can your suppliers provide more products? Do you have other supply channels? How long will it take to get goods to your warehouse? The answers to these questions also have an impact on your order fulfillment process.

3.Logistic Planning

When orders are ready to be shipped, how are you going to deliver them to your customers? Have you got reliable shipping partners? Will the packages be handled carefully and arrive to the customers in good condition? How long will it take for the delivery? All these questions relate to your customers’ shipping experience.

When it comes to improving order fulfillment process, here are a few tips to help keep you on the right track:

1.Keep Your inventory Well-organized

Classify and group your inventory from the best sellers to overstocked products. Put your most popular products in an accessible area to make sure that they can be picked, packed and shipped easily in a minimal amount of time. A well-organized arrangement of inventory helps to greatly improve the efficiency of processing orders.

2.Apply Warehouse Management System

With warehouse management system, product weights and dimensions are recorded. You also have a real-time control of inventory level, and get alerts for low inventory in time. Thus, you need no to worry about running out of inventory and delaying your customers’ order fulfillment.

3.Outsource to A Third Party Order Fulfillment Company

Leveraging the technology and workforce of a third party order fulfillment company is another way to simplify and streamline your order fulfillment process. They integrate your shopping cart with their order management system, thus orders can be uploaded automatically instead of human input, which can greatly improve the fulfillment efficiency. Besides, they utilize barcode technology to smooth order fulfillment services and improve accuracy. Taking advantages of the good relationship with a wide range of shipping carriers, they can also help you deliver orders quickly and cost-effectively.

Some order fulfillment center, like also provides China sourcing service, which helps to shorten the supply chain. Based in the world factory-China, they can connect you with multiple sourcing resources and increase your supply channels. Thus, you are more flexible in inventory management.

There are some other ways to improve your order fulfillment, such as maintaining a routine and using the right packing tools an so on. What are the challenges you face with fulfillment process? What is your way to deal with it? Share them with us in the comments!

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