How to Choose Promotional Fulfillment Service Provider?

Promotional fulfillment is a service normally provided by third party fulfillment companies, they receive multiple kinds of promotional items from the suppliers, stock the items, and send them to your listed customers at certain days( holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, etc). Promotional fulfillment services make the e-commerce business owners run gift marketing with less hassles.

promotional fulfillment

Use promotional items to increase sales.
Promotional items include any kind of products, leaflets, cards, as long as they are brand promotional, sending them to your customer, no matter ship with products or send individually in holidays, can improve your brand awareness and remind your old customers to purchase again.

Print well-designed leaflets/catalogs. Buyers may throw up the leaflets and catalogs with the packing boxes, but normally the beautiful ones will not be treated like that. Well-designed leaflets or catalogs are eye-catching, a lot of buyers will read and keep them. For example, a housewife bought a pot and saw a catalog with a lot of beautiful kitchen supplies on it, although she won’t buy another pan or steamer at once, she will keep the catalog and purchase the items on it some day in the future.

Send gift cards. Gift cards are the prepaid card whose user can purchase items from a specific store. They are ideal presents for loyal customers. For the customers who purchase repeatedly from one store, the products themselves may not be a consideration since they have used and tested them for a long period, they will pay attention to something else. Sending them gift cards will encourage them to buy more and recommend the store to friends.

Give away thoughtful gifts. Thoughtful gifts show the caring heart of the store owner and draw a good picture of the brand. If your customer bought a flowerpot, send them nutritional liquid later; If your customer bought a bed, send them sheets later. The gifts won’t cost much, but they can actually delight your customers.

Consider these when choosing promotional fulfillment service providers:

Promotional item sourcing
Quality fulfillment service provider usually helps you source promotional items(gift cards, gifts, leaflets, etc). Since you are giving them away for free, budget control is very important. The world’s biggest wholesale platform Alibaba has a lot of suppliers who can print gift cards, leaflets, catalogs at very low prices. You can partner with order fulfillment companies in China and let them find cost-effective gifts/printing service for you.

Brand packing
Customized packing is an important part of branding. As I just said, printing service can be very cost-effective in China. Store owners can not only have promotional gifts printed, but also print product packaging with low budget. More than that, the kitting&assembly service provided by fulfillment company in China can also make it possible for the store owners to send new product samples or holiday gift pecks to the buyers.

Warehousing fee
Conducting gift marketing means you have to keep the promotional items in stock for a long time, the high warehousing fee will increase the input-output ratio of the marketing campaign. In order to avoid that, choosing a fulfillment service provider with lower warehousing fee is essential. Some of the order fulfillment companies in China provide 90 days free China warehousing service, which will reduce your warehousing budget.

Shipping time&cost
Promotional fulfillment normally doesn’t use fast&expensive shipping method considering the logistics budget, because as long as the customers receive the promotional items in a specific period during holidays, they will know it’s the holiday blessing. Choosing an experienced promotional fulfillment provider will save you a lot of shipping time and cost, since they not only know how to avoid the shipping peak during holiday season, but also develops deeper cooperation with the express couriers to get freight bargain.

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