How I earn $18000 in 3 months with Shopify

As a freelancer, I’ve run a Shopify store for years, it’s a good job to support my family and pay my bills. Today I would like to share a few experiences about how I earn $18000 in 3 months by Shopify. I am not affiliated with Shopify (although the title sounds like I am 😛 ).

sales report


About the solutions.


Website program: Shopify. Shopify is easy to use, which is suitable for a starter.


Products: The electronic accessories sourced from China factory directly. I have an electronic related Facebook group and some deals website resources which I can submit to, the products are pretty good. My friend in China helps me to source cheap & good quality products from a Chinese factory directly.


Order and inventory management: ChinaDivision Shopify fulfillment app (Free). The fulfillment company in China is good for me since my products are sourced from China factory.  Their fulfillment app, which is called ChinaDivision, is free. They also provide free warehousing fee for 90 days and no minimum order quantity is required,  there is no need to worry about fulfillment cost at the beginning.


About the methods.


Promotion methods: Facebook, Deals, SEO, forum.


I knew my business partner in a forum, he is an SEO expert. When promoting our websites, my partner is in charge of SEO and forum while I’m in charge of Facebook and deals websites.


Facebook & Deals. We started by submitting coupons and giving them away to our Facebook group and deals websites. With these resources, we got our initial users. If the customers share the purchased products to Facebook, they can get a coupon code for next purchase. By the way, shipping small products from China to the US or worldwide can be very cheap.


SEO & Forum. As we know, SEO is slow at first but effective in the end. So the effects of Facebook and deals promotion come first, then SEO starts to work. We cooperated with a phone related forum, it referred a lot of traffic to our website. I can do some simple graphic designs, so I designed a banner ad and put it on the forum. Being in a 2 member team, both my friend and I are playing multiple roles. We also use EDM to do re-marketing, every customer is valuable because small achievements soon add up.


Above are the main promotional methods we use, but actually, we have done more than above, such as customer service, new products promotion, discussing, etc. Sometimes, we devoted ourselves to working till late at night. Tired it is, but worth doing. What we do is not just earning money, but also fighting for our cause and interest. You may not know how hard we’ve been working, I just want to say one thing: Success Belongs to the Persevering.

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