Five Reasons to Outsource Order Fulfillment

If you are considering outsourcing your warehouse and order fulfillment needs, then congratulations! That means your business is already on the normal track of growth and expansion. Outsourcing to an ecommerce order fulfillment company ChinaDivision who is expert in this field is the key to get away from the tedious work of picking, packing, printing labels and shipping etc. Here are top five reasons why you should outsource order fulfillment:

order fulfillment by ChinaDivision

  1. Reduced fixed costs

Serious ecommerce operation requires specialized facilities and professional staff. However, It will be a large cost to lease your own warehouse and employ a team of workers. Not to mention the off-season, which will end up with extra staff and warehouse space. Partnering with an order fulfillment company, who offers warehouse fulfillment services, no longer do you have to keep paying for the same rent and utilities, despite fluctuating sales. Your order fulfillment partner takes on these expenses and hires the appropriate staff so that you don’t have to.

  1. Lower shipping cost

For example, you manufacture your goods in the world factory China and ship in bulk order to your warehouse in Australia, and then distribute to your customers worldwide. Duty and taxes are payable in this process. On the other hand, if you ship directly from a fulfillment center in China to your customers around the world in small packages, duty and taxes are avoidable and you can get discounted shipping rates at the same time, thus shipping cost is reduced.

  1. Focus on core business

So many online merchants get stuck in filling orders, picking, packing and communicating with various shipping carriers to compare a better price, without realizing that they are deviating from the true value creating activities – selling and marketing. Outsourcing your order fulfillment allows more time on your hands, so you can focus on core business activities that will allow you to connect with new customers, improve your marketing strategies and promote new products.

  1. Promote brand

Brand up-grading is an important step to deepen your brand awareness. However, if will be time-consuming and sometimes a big project to do it yourselves. You can leverage an order fulfillment company, who provides  series of value-added service to promote your brand, such as customized packaging with your company logo and marketing inserts like newsletters, flyers, holiday cards etc.

  1. Improve customer satisfactory

Happy customers boost your reputation with positive testimonials, reviews and word-of-mouth encounters. An order fulfillment company helps you ships orders worldwide to your customers with lower shipping rates and fewer shipping errors. All the addresses are verified before shipping, and all the packages are well packed by expert packers. A reliable fulfillment company actually delivers a happy purchase experience to customers and happy customers will purchase again.

To sum up, outsourcing order fulfillment helps online merchants reduce fixed cost and shipping cost, focus on core business and brand promotion and to improve customer satisfactory in return. If you are still being distracted by non-value creating activities, maybe is time to outsource your fulfillment.

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